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    Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones Review

    The Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones are of amazing quality for their price range. They’re not only very comfortable and look fantastic, but they also have the sound quality of a more expensive pair of headphones. Let’s get to the Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones Review.
    These headphones have an excellent build quality that far surpasses that of any similarly-priced Beats, Sony, V-MODA, HiFiMan, or Bowers & Wilkins headphones. They come in black and white and come with a sturdy denim case. These headphones have thick parts made of steel, making them incredibly durable.

    Trying to break them or bend them out of place is about as fruitful as chasing your tail. The headband and earpads are wonderfully padded with memory foam, making them very comfortable. The memory foam of the earpads also gives these headphones a good seal around your ears to block out ambient noise. Each of the over-the-ear, closed-back earcups have seven-layer, 5mm planar magnetic drivers inside them. Both drivers have a 26 Ohm impedance, as well.

    The Oppo PM-3 Classics come with a nine feet long cable and a 4 feet long cable with a remote and microphone that is Apple or Android compatible. Whether you get an Android or Apple compatible cable is determined by your choice when buying the headphones.

    Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones Review: INCREDIBLY LIGHT FOR FULL-SIZE HEADPHONES

    The inline microphone of the cable is of pretty decent build and is capable of delivering average-to-good quality audio. The remote has a single button, which limits its capabilities but also keeps control simple and easy.
    They weigh just 320 grams, making them incredibly light for being full-sized, planar magnetic headphones. This keeps them from feeling too heavy on your head or like they have too much pressure, making them comfortable for hours of use. Despite their lightness, the earcups and headband keep a firm grip on your head, so you can move around without worrying that they’ll fall off.


    The sound of these headphones is wonderfully balanced with rich sound across all tones. The detail of music listened to with these headphones is crisp and clear instead of falling into the typical trap of being drowned out by the tonal balancing. Voices sound incredibly realistic- as if the singer is standing right in front of you. Across all genres of music, the sound of these headphones is rich and full-bodied. Music doesn’t sound airy or phantasmal at all. We found in this Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones Review that it’s pretty close to the sound of actually being at a performance by the music’s artist. Bass tones have great weight without overwhelming the midtones or creating harsh contrast with the treble. Every pluck and rumble of bass is distinct from the rest of the music without breaking the composition of the track itself.



    Summary These headphones are of excellent quality with a lovely design, a rugged build, fantastic sound quality, and a price that won’t put you in the dog house for buying them.


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