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    Master and Dynamic MH40 Review

    Master & Dynamic is a new contender in the headphone game, but its initial release of a line of very distinctly designed models made it a real threat to other leading headphone companies. The Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-the-ear Headphones is a closed-back, over-the-ear headphone that is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and real lambskin leather. The leather itself is very supple and its unique feel is incredibly comfortable on your ears. The headphones themselves weigh 12.7 ounces, making them significantly heavier than most over-the-ear headphones. Because of their weight, you’ll probably want to take a break from wearing them every 45 minutes or an hour. However, the build quality of these headphones feels very solid and study and the lambskin leather keeps them feeling comfortable for a longer period of time than they would without.

    Inside the earcups of the Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-the-ear Headphones are 45mm drivers with 32 Ohm impedance. This is pretty average for full-sized headphones, but pretty good for mobile-device friendly headphones. It’s usable with most mobile devices and the accessories are usable with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. These headphones come with a simple canvas carrying bag with an integrated magnetic clasp and a smaller case for the two included cables. These bags will do nothing for protecting your headphones from a fall or being squished, but they look rather nice. The cables are cloth-covered and tangle-resistant, a real treat in a world of snarled, eternally-knotted cables.

    One is a three feet long cable with a remote and microphone that is compatible with iOS devices, and the other is a six feet long cable without a remote or microphone. The microphone works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, but the remote only works with iOS devices.

    Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-the-ear Headphones Review: TIGHT SEAL = GOOD NOISE ISOLATION

    Although it doesn’t have active noise cancellation, these headphones have good noise isolation. The lambskin and memory foam combination of the ear pads creates a tight seal on your ears, blocking out a lot of ambient noise. The right earcup has a mute button that makes a rather satisfying click when you mute or unmute your music and also gives you the ability to mute or unmute without fiddling with the remote or your phone. The headband isn’t hinged to the earcups, but the cups do fold flat for storage. The Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-the-ear Headphones come with a warranty of two years, which is double what most brands offer.


    The sound of these Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-the-ear Headphones Review headphones is highly detailed, yet never harsh or grating. The bass is deep and rich, but without overwhelming the other tones. Midtones, however, are pretty weak with these headphones. Vocals aren’t very rich and can easily be overwhelmed by the bass in some tracks. Otherwise, they’re comparable with other headphones in the $300-$400 range.



    Summary A lot of thought and fantastic engineering went into creating the MH40, the level of which is impressive for such an up-and-coming company as Master & Dynamic. The headphone is a bit heavy, but is very sturdy and rugged. Sound quality is great, with rich and detailed sounds. However, they are a bit weak in properly representing midtones, leaving vocals feeling muffled.


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