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    Klipsch Reference On the Ear Review

    Any audio fanatic that comes across this name appreciates the weight it carries in the audio world. It is commonly used in recording studios to refer to reference monitors that mix and master recordings. It is a term associated with the highest degree of transparency and excellence but having been adopted by other brands such as Klipsch, the meaning has since been watered down. Let’s get on with the Klipsch Reference On-Ear Review.

    Klipsch’s portfolio of reference series gear includes home theatre systems and speaker bars and they represent what Klipsch has to offer in terms of its latest designs.The look may be good enough for specific individuals but it does not imply that this is the ultimate for everyone else. There are still those who will prefer other designs and models out there.

    The luxurious cans are essential for the music’s proper representation and the target is to avail the best quality of sound as Klipsch suggests. While the description may be somewhat wanting, Klipsch new Reference On-Ear headphones have one of the most comfortable designs that you will ever find. This is enough to make you consider getting one of these the next time you go shopping.

    Klipsch Reference On the Ear Review: Packaging

    Klipsch Reference On-Ear headphones come in a succinct and somewhat austere package in the form of a satiny bag that has a felt interior. As you open the package your eyes meet a headband with a thick padding protruding under a sheath of buttery leather. The earpads are also luxurious adding to the elegance of these headphones. The sight is enough to give you the notion that the comfort you will experience with these is unequalled.

    Design and Features

    Polished metal and the leather cover on these earphones carries an aspect of class and the comfort that is only known to the user. Having these headphones on you, gives you the feeling of one with a sophisticated product on them. Metallic facades along the arms are supported by thick cuts of plastic and this makes the frame light but quite resolute.
    A three-button iOS in-line microphone has been provided on the flattened cable too and this cable is not removable, but will tuck away nicely when folded for travel.

    On the left earcup there is a red button that mutes the audio to engage the microphone; playback controls are also available, as well as the volume adjuster on the outer ring.

    Audio Performance

    Klipsch Reference On-Ear headphones have the bass enhanced in them but it is free from any kind of distortion. Hence, what you encounter is a heavy sound that is clear as music of any genre plays on and you can hardly miss the resonance of tom drums in the sound.
    We noticed in this Klipsch Reference On the Ear Review that the beautiful treble that blends with other percussion instruments can be picked out from the smooth sound that flows from these headphones. This product is perfect for those who enjoy a heavy undistorted sound but may not go down well with those who prefer sound that is well balanced.

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    Summary Reference On-Ear headphones are top of the range when it comes to comfort and the quality of a heavy boost on the sound. That means that if these aspects are a priority to you, then these headphones are your best option. But if your taste and preference is different, then it would be wise to think of another option.


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