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    iASUS XSound 3 Review Headphones Hound Unboxing

    Today we’re looking at the iASUS XSound 3. These are headphones for motorbikes. So as you know it’s sometimes quite difficult to use the standard traditional ear buds while you’re wearing a helmet. So these have been developed by iASUS so you don’t have to put them in your ears, and they attach to the helmet. So just opening up the box as you can see they are quite heavy, they seem like they’re made from good quality materials.

    Design and construction

    We have the headphones themselves, we have the extension, for obvious reasons. We also have another pair, more leathery kind of faux material, you can put on.

    Finally the extra padding just so the headphones stay close enough to your ears. Okay so I’ll just do a quick demonstration of how we’d use these. The headphones they need to be attached to the helmet. So I’ve done this one already, I’ll show you on the other side. All we need to do is take off the paper, attach it to the outside of the headphone. And we are ready to go… These will stick inside the helmet.

    Okay so what we would do, we would put one of these into the helmet, so again this would come off, and the headphones would stick directly into the helmet, allowing you to put it on. Now if there was too much room, between your ear and the side of the helmet, the good guys at iASUS have provided extra padding so there’s always enough room. You’ll never be too far away from your music.

    Extension Cable

    And we also have an extension, so you’ll be able to keep your device in your pocket, this will be able to run over your back or down your front, however you like it. And the headphones are similar to lots of other styles, where one of the headphones would go around the back.

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